“An excellent course that I’d highly recommend to everyone no matter how nervous you are. Adrian and Carleen do an excellent job of putting you at ease and making it fun@

Jason Groom – Marketing Manager, Prime Group

“Adrian is an inspirational speaker who shares golden nuggets of information to improve presentation skills and the ability to deliver a great talk.

He is an accomplished speaker who demonstrates the techniques required to deliver a great talk ranging from how to use body language for maximum effect to keeping an audience fully engaged.

I would highly recommend Adrian to any companies or individuals who want to improve their confidence and presentation skills.”

John Dabrowski Managing Director JD Mindcoach Ltd

“Spent a day with Ahead in Speaking learning how to ‘Conquer my fear of Public Speaking ‘

Not only did I learn a considerable amount about public speaking but also in general about 1 to 1 meetings, body language , voice tone & how to conduct any formal conversation.

Most of all , Adrian made the day fun & entertaining so you really don’t realise how much you learn until you put it into practice then —-Wow” !!

Sally Swann BA  ACII – Senior Partner,   JLT Specialty Limited

“The 1-day workshop that I attended with Ahead in Speaking was great experience all round. The location was fantastic and Adrian’s positive presence made it a warm welcoming environment which helped to eliminated the fear of knowing your about to train in public speaking. I regard myself as a sociable and confident person and I would often assume that I knew how to speak to large groups until I attended this workshop. I learnt about all the mistakes I was making and why I was giving off a nervous energy that I really didn’t need to. Adrian takes you step-by-step through the process of being able to speak, look and move with real purpose whilst on stage whether you are speaking to a handful of people or large arenas. By the end of the day I felt that I left with the right tools and skills to vastly improve on my speaking and most importantly eradicate those fears we all have when taking to the stage. No matter what level you are at with public speaking

I highly recommend this workshop if you want to learn how to cope with nerves, speak with purpose and know how to continue to improve your public speaking skills. You’ll probably learn things you didn’t previously know about yourself also….I most certainly did”.

Joseph Rafter – Managing Director of Footsteps to Futures

“Thank you Adrian for a great day. I learnt absolutely loads and I thought the content, presentation style and overall aim of the workshop was excellent. There’s real worth in what you’re teaching and the actual takeaways will help me for years to come. Powerful stuff and you’re exceptional at delivering it”.

Gary King – Journalist, Nottingham

“I recently attended training provided by Adrian Peck and Simon Gray at Ahead in Speaking. The training was first class, in a small group session which meant that Adrian had the time to spend with each delegate individually. Time will tell and indeed you will be able to judge my public speaking skills but what I can say is that following this training I have the confidence to take a speaking gig which in the past might have been too nerve wrecking to contemplate!”

Thalej Vasishta – CEO, Immigration Lawyer, Nottingham

“Adrian has a very special way of connecting with his audience so that you really feel a part of what he is teaching you. His down to earth and open approach is aided by his light-hearted sense of fun”.

Gemma Bailey – Emotional Literacy Trainer, London 

“Being apprehensive at the start knowing I would have to present, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the day as much as I did. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has to speak or present, either to a room of 2 or 100+. The information taught is extremely beneficial for teaching and I am looking forward to putting it into practice in the classroom”.

Sarah Jackson – Teacher, Nottingham

“What I love about Adrian is his easy, approachable, yet thorough style of coaching – you don’t know you are being coached. That is his skill! As a presenter, Adrian has a great energy, is vibrant, humorous, professional and precise”.

Farah Siddiqui – Trainer of NLP, London

“Adrian is a fantastic trainer with a real understanding and knowledge of presentation skills. His quiet confidence and his ability to communicate the subject matter keeps participants fully engaged with a great combination of information and humour. His inclusion of audience participation and openness to questions means that you are fully engaged with the learning process”.

Jeanette Woolley – Hypnotherapist, Wales

“I’ve worked in secondary schools for 9 years. I’ve been on many courses and had several speakers running sessions/workshops. However, none compare to this workshop which gives you tools and techniques you can use straight away. The workshop is interactive so not only will you learn from speaking and listening you will also learn from watching and giving feedback to others, which improves your own understanding. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone! You will gain knowledge of different learning styles and the different ways people like to communicate”.

Matt Green – Teacher, Nottingham

“I attended Adrian’s one day course in April. Being a nervous and a reluctant speaker it was a huge step out of my comfort zone. However I need not have worried. Adrian put a fantastic day together with lots of practical exercises, carefully designed to build your confidence, knowledge and ability in layers. By the end of the day he had us all eager to get up and speak. We learned many practical and easy techniques and the confidence level of everyone in the room was soaring by the end of the afternoon. I have since spoken several times, and I’m a different person. Now I’m not even getting nervous, and I’m actually able to say what I’d planned to and deliver it with confidence, not some mumbled nonsense! I’m even developing some stage presence. In my business, the ability to be able to stand up and speak clearly, confidently and be able to engage people is essential Now, finally after years of speaking being my worst fear, it’s something I look forward to and enjoy! If you’re looking to take the fear out of speaking and get the confidence you have always wanted, I would definitely recommend you get yourself on one of Adrian’s courses”.

Serena Humphrey – Owner of Fword Training, Nottingham

“The presentation skills workshop was of great use to me and I would highly recommend it to any professional working in a client facing industry. In the sales arena, it is vital to be able to correctly identify and respond to the client needs and those may not always be communicated directly and clearly. The workshop gives you the skills to confidently communicate and relate to any audience, whether that is in a one-to-one meeting or presenting to a large group of people. I believe the course has given me the toolkit to efficiently navigate any public speaking engagement, which has been of great aid”.

Carla Stemate – Sales Coordinator at De Vere Venues, Nottingham

“I found the course very organic, by which I mean, tailored to the individual needs of the clients instead of a generic sit and listen. I felt it had been built with layers of different techniques to engage and stimulate all the senses and learning styles. The course showed for me that the course providers understood the vulnerabilities of those attending and nurtured those feelings and thoughts, providing personal testimonials and examples.

The workshop had a solid structure with a fluid/flexible way of delivering which meant Adrian covered exactly what we needed and asked for on the day.   The pace was laid back, calm and tranquil, very powerful and inspiring. No hassle or pushing us to get involved in the practical side, in fact I felt encouraged and confident enough after the first hour of the workshop to try all the tasks by myself even though before the workshop I would make every excuse to leave the room. I found Adrian inspiring to listen to, encouraging and it felt like the course was designed for me individually. Probably due to the fact that he is so good at building rapport with his audience!

Initially I thought that there was no way I was going to achieve the objective of the workshop in a day. I smiled to myself and thought, “it’s a day out to meet some great people and if I at least get something from this workshop it’s a step in the right direction.”  Also knowing that other clients on the course were there for the same thing put me at ease.

I totally surprised myself by completing all the practical tasks and actually wanting too. In fact I am sure I even wanted to go first!

I feel I achieved something on the course that has changed my attitude to speaking and life – about letting people hear my voice and what I have to say. I now use the techniques in everyday conversations with a whole host of people and have had some great responses”.

Carleen Bentley – Work Co-ordinator, Nottingham