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Who is the workshop for? 

This workshop is for senior business people, including Managers, Directors, Sales Executives and CEOs who have to give presentations to motivate teams and build business relationships.

Why attend the workshop?

In a survey carried out amongst experienced Middle and Senior Executives designed to determine what they fear most, public speaking came out at number one (death was eighth on the list) – this shouldn’t be the case.

Successful public speaking is key to business success and career advancement – with the right education and training, it can be mastered by anyone.

What will you get from the workshop?

The workshop will provide you with the skills, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills and enable you to deliver with confidence, clarity and certainty.

What will we cover in the workshop?

You will learn to:

  • Eliminate the fear of public speaking
  • Remain calm and balanced before and during the presentation
  • Project an air of confidence
  • Manage, motivate and inspire your audience
  • Own the stage or room.
  • Move with purpose
  • Be charismatic
  • Answer questions and deal with hecklers.
  • Use techniques that elite sports people use to enhance performance.

Why train with Ahead in Speaking?

Adrian Peck our Head Trainer has extensive experience in designing and delivering experiential training using the latest thinking on people learning and development. Adrian prides himself on delivering stimulating and active learning that will add real value to your speech, presentation and overall communication skills.

Lunch, manuals, pens and note pads will be provided.

The workshop is only open to a maximum of 8 delegates so that quality feedback can be given. It is highly interactive and you will be required to speak to practice the skills you will learn.

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