In a survey carried out with experienced Middle and Senior Executives designed to determine what they fear most, public speaking came out on top (death was 8th on the list).

With presentation skills identified as a key factor in business success and career advancement, this shouldn’t be the case.

Ahead in Speaking was started with Adrian Peck.

Adrian is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Sports Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Business Coach. He’s worked with elite sports people across the UK, including World and Olympic medallists to empower them to overcome performance anxiety, deal with nerves and ultimately to win.

With extensive experience in designing and delivering experiential training using the latest thinking on people development, Adrian delivers stimulating and active learning that delivers instantaneous results.

Utilising powerful tools including visualisation and state management to overcome fear, Adrian now empowers business people to be great communicators as both public speakers and in everyday business situations.

Ahead in Speaking offers a professional, empowering and innovative approach to successful public speaking and advanced communication skills.

Overcome your fear of public speaking and learn the tools and techniques to deliver with confidence, clarity and certainty.

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